While working on a  post I came across a quiz at Seventeen.com called “What Color Looks Best on Your Skin Tone” and decided to take it.In this particular quiz you’re asked questions like,’what colour t-shirt would look better on you?’  and ‘what kind of jewelry tends to look best on you?’.I’m not a fan of these kinds of quizzes mainly because the answer is always obvious (ex.”which digimon character would you make a better couple with”: question 1.Do you like guys who wear goggles? question 2.what’s your favorite digimon? Hmm..can’t think of many characters with big goggles and a digimon named Agumon),but I am happy I did because it made me realize something really important: That quiz,from one of the United States leading fashion and beauty magazines companies,pretty much asked me what I thought would look best on me and then suggested to me my own answer! What does that tell you?

That you can read all the magazines in the world,go to every fashion website online,ask any stylist for advice on what to where to whatever event.In the end,you decide.It’s always your decision,you just have to find the confidence to believe that.





*photo from graanmarkt13.be