Colour Theory

A few days ago,I almost signed up for college.It was involuntarily,but with good intentions.In the end,it didn’t happen and long story short yesterday I came across something that reinforced (one of ) my reasons for why I am not in a college/university in the first place and  instead chose to study fashion on my own: I prefer the freedom of my own mind without being suffocated by a set of rules that-while having been successful so far-could use some fresh air.

This little something that I came across is titled,”101 Things I learned in Fashion School”.This book ,from the 101 Things I learned book series by Matthew Frederick ,features Alfredo Cabrera a fashion designer,teacher,and illustrator who served as a critic at Parsons The New School for Design,plus many others fashion schools and as the title entails,it gives you a summary of 101 important lessons learned in fashion school.It was lesson 52 that caught my attention;pretty much it tells you that a collection in primary or secondary colours will have limited customers because people are more willing to buy items in shades of black,navy,grey,and earth tones etc…because these are the palettes they would wear more frequently.


Of course,I questioned this immediately out of stubbornness and because I would rather chance having an unsuccessful collection then not create something I love simply because someone told me I would only have two buyers. Wouldn’t you? Ah,but then I had to use myself as an example of this mental argument I created,and I thought about how often my hand skims right over my multicoloured primary tank dress (dubbed: the Gullah Gullah island dress by my sister) and grabs up my black leggings and grey/black striped hoodie. My go-to.Well,my favorite colour is grey,excuses.excuses.excuses.My real reason is that I think that if I wear that bright dress two times within one weeks someones bound to notice,I’ll stand out too much,but no ones going to notice if I wear this same pair of leggings four or five times in a row.It’s neutral,for all they know I could have 50 pairs versus my reality of 2.


Sad fact.My guess is that I am not the only one,but I won’t go off of guesses.I want to know.I want you to tell me,is this the truth for you also?Do you find yourself reaching pass the bold red and across the vibrant purple for your staple blacks and grey,white or navy? Is it just because you love to wear these colours? Or is it because you hate to stand out on a day to day basis,or some other hidden reason?

*All photos from by yours truly.


7 thoughts on “Colour Theory

  1. This is super interesting.
    I’d say yes, I do . I think my favorite colors are grey, olive green, and deep maroon – anything that makes me feel beautiful, but effortless too. Brighter colors often make me feel like I’m trying too hard – even though they’re just as easy to put on as darker ones.

    I think if you become the sort of person who always wears these types of things, no one looks twice, but otherwise . ..

    But you should definitely listen to your heart. Make a collection you love. If you love grey, make grey pieces, if you love color, make some color too. I’m sure you’re talented enough to have your pieces loved no matter the palette.


    • Hello Gabrielle!^ ^
      Ah,really nice of you!Thanks for taking the time to read & give your opinion.Peace^ ^

      It’s important to feel beautiful,it’s even more important to know that you are regardless of grey,green,purple,whatever….I hope one day you’ll find wearing colour a little less intimidating,but only if you wish it because in the end colour is just colour & that includes black,white,grey…

      “I think if you become the sort of person who always wears these types of things, no one looks twice, but otherwise . ..”

      Makes sense.Best answer I’ve come across,it’s simple.I love that.
      Thanks again:D

    • Hello Giedre!^ ^

      Thank you.Yes,I agree.It would be nice-unfortunately the pictures are not so kind.They wish to stay small despite my many efforts.
      I appreciate your open/honest suggest!Thank you so much!^ ^

  2. Interesting theory. I feel like that is very true. Also I find myself in the same position about college and studying I feel exactly the same way I prefer the freedom of my own mind, but I’m wondering if I should just go back and learn something. I’ll try tie my hair up more often it’s not the first time someone has suggested it to me. xxx

    • Hello Ashleigh!^ ^

      Yes,I have found myself thinking the same.I’m not against college as a whole,there is SO many things I wish to do in life-outside of fashion-where I am sure I could benefit from some kind of university.If time and a place permitted this than maybe I would have chosen the perfect school for myself. Some where down the line I decided that the best way for me to take in everything the world has to offer is to experience it in different ways: learning from different people in different place/cultures or just jumping into it and creating my own experience from m own formed beliefs-either way I take from it what I love and leave behind what I do not:D
      To each her own,right? I’m happy to know I’m not the only one who questions the traditional structure (ah,I sound like a dork,yes? haha)

      Thanks for reading & giving your opinion.I appreciate input always!^ ^

      by the way,I just think you would look really nice with your hair up. Maybe you already do wear it up,maybe you don’t like to wear it up.

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