I like.I love.Then I obsess.

That’s a summary of my creative process.And how The Hue was conceived,and atlas born.
I love people,I love clothes.I want to help people wear the clothes that they wish without all of the unnecessary restrictions they give themselves:

i.e “I can’t wear halters because of my broad shoulders”

“I never said that there was a problem with guys wearing pink-it’s just not for me”

“blank-magazine says that pencil skirts are better suited for plus-sized women.I’m boy-shaped so I can only wear A-

“It’s not that I don’t like yellow,it’s just not my colour”.

It’s not your shoulders,it’s the shirt.The way you wear it and feel in it….It’s not the colour,it’s the hue.So maybe pale pink is not what your feeling at the moment,give salmon a try.                                                                                                                                                                                That is my concept; you can wear anything you want,you just have to know how to wear it.Simple.I’ll use this blog to help make it even simpler by showing you how.


4 thoughts on “Hello+Concept

    • Hello Kia!^ ^
      Thank you.Yes,I have plenty of post to share…some that I’m excited to share,some that I’m super excited to share and wish would not take so long to put together.All of which I put my best into & hope you’ll enjoy!hehe

    • well, it was quite hard to write this kind of personal stuff but it’s been a while and now i’m better i guess. i will be following your next moves here, cause i’m really curious how your blog will expand. you have your first fan 😉

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